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Have a look at the following presentation to refresh your memory on prepositions. How good are you at using them? NOW TRY TO PRACTISE BY DOING SEVERAL EXERCISES: Exercise 1, exercise 2, exercise 3 Advertisements

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How many languages have English as one of their official languages? Watch this short video and find out. Unfortunately, The United Kingdom, forming the British Empire, used its force to colonize many different areas of the world, and that’s why English … Continue reading

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Click on the link below!! You’ll find a list of VERY USEFUL expressions which will help you master your dialogues. And don’t forget VARIETY!!! Using different expressions will help your speech sound more COMPLEX.   agreeing-disagreeing-expressions.htm

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How to maximize your exam speaking

Oral exams for languages provoke similar anxieties to giving presentations. In both cases, the more prepared you feel, the less anxious you will be. Act confident even if you aren’t. Smile when you enter the room and make eye contact … Continue reading

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Family matters

Today we have talked about the topic of the Family by discussing some of the following statements. Have a look at the presentation to refresh your memory and think about its content again. Do you agree or disagree with them?  

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Do you want to speak clearly and confidently? Everybody wants to be able to speak English like a native speaker, but English pronunciation is always a big problem to ESL learners. Bad English pronunciation may confuse people even if you … Continue reading

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