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 Are you a dab hand at talking about medical problems in English? I guess the answer is no. In fact, the lexicon of Medicine can be quite hard since some of its terms are completely different from the ones we have to … Continue reading

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Have a look at the following presentation to refresh your memory on prepositions. How good are you at using them? NOW TRY TO PRACTISE BY DOING SEVERAL EXERCISES: Exercise 1, exercise 2, exercise 3

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Conditional clauses

Some of you may find it difficult to use conditional sentences in English properly. However, it is not that hard. You just need to have the possible different constructions clear and practice them as many times as you can both … Continue reading

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What is this funny video about? Yes, you were right…it shows some people multitasking, but what does multitasking mean? And how can you know whether you are a multitasker or not? Well, in this century we are quite used to carrying out … Continue reading

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Earliest Memories

Our memory plays an important role in our daily lives, but why is it so relevant? and…how does it really work? You may be an ace at remembering people’s faces or names or even at remembering cars’ number plates. However, what can … Continue reading

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Looking for a job in the Anglo-Saxon world is a very different experience from the one we are accustomed to in Spain. For a start, there isn´t the same concept of becoming a civil servant and having a job for … Continue reading

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Discourse markers

 Some words and phrases help to develop ideas and relate them to one another. These kinds of words and phrases are often called discourse markers. There are a large number of discourse markers. Here are a few of the most … Continue reading

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