Earliest Memories

Our memory plays an important role in our daily lives, but why is it so relevant? and…how does it really work? You may be an ace at remembering people’s faces or names or even at remembering cars’ number plates. However, what can you first remember from your childhood? How vivid or emotional are your earliest memories?

As you know very few of us remember much at all from our first three or four years. Having a fluid nature of memory is quite rare and that is why it makes early childhood memories so valuable. So, what are your earliest memories about? About your parents or siblings, about going to school for the very first time, about playing with a friend, about getting into an argument,etc.?

Watch the following video in which several celebrities talk about their early childhood memories and then think about a specific incident in your childhood and write a short paragraph describing it: 


Did it take you too long to remember? Opppsssss…maybe you don’t have a really good memory but don’t panic because exercising your memory in order to improve it little by little is as easy as having a look at the next clip. Have fun!

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