TRACING YOUR ROOTS (and a brief guide to using PODCASTS to improve your LISTENING)


PODCASTS are a very useful tool when it comes to learning a foreign language. The net gives you the chance to DOWNLOAD a file you can listen to again and again, as many times as you want on your computer. You can listen to it on-line too, and sometimes you find the SCRIPT, so you can follow the speech. Take advantage of this!!!!


Try some:

1- Here there is a podcast from the BBC about the family, TRACING YOUR ROOTS, a topic we’ve been studying in the classroom. It’s a bit too long, but… BE PATIENT!, it’s really interesting! Click here: tyr

2- Don’t miss these podcasts from the BBC too, and look!!!, THE SCRIPT IS THERE TOO!!!. It’s a PDF document you can read at the same time as you listen to the programme. Click here: 081222_download.shtml. Why don’t you try the programme about STRESS? We also studied this topic when we talked about WORK.

3- Do you want more? You haven’t had enough? GREAT! Here is now a series of podcasts from THE GUARDIAN which deal with FAMILY MATTERS. Enjoy!!!: the-family-podcast

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