The magic of cinema

We all love going to the cinema or watching a movie at home with some chocolate or a big box of popcorn. Cinema makes us dream; it  moves us and inspires our lives. When the lights go down and the curtains draw back, you feel free since you enter and inhabit somebody else’s life for two hours without any problem. You feel the frisson of excitement down your spine, the tingling sensation that something wonderful may be just about to happen. Cinema plays such an important role in our lives that we are constantly influenced by its power, by its lines, by its scenes. I guess I’m not the only one to have ever said “Sayonara, baby” or “Run, Forrest, run”… just two examples of extremely relevant sentences that were adopted in our daily way of speaking. If you wish to remember some more, click on the following video:

Finally and as a listening activity, watch this clip in which Dr. Marnie Hughes-Warrington talks about history on film:

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