Free (song)

The other day in class we revised the different unreal uses of the past tenses, and we especially paid attention to the way Enligh-speaking people make wishes. As you may remember, the verb wish is quite similar in meaning to the expression would like:

  • I wish I had a big house = I would like to have a big house
  • I wish I had been there = I would like to have been there
  • I wish you would stop talking = I would like you to stop talking

Its main use is to express regret that things are not different. It is possible to use wish in this way to talk about both the present/future and the past (notice that the verb tenses that follow wish are the same as those used in the second and third conditionals. Also notice the word that can be omitted in more informal speech):

  • I wish (that) I weren’t here now
  • I wish (that) I didn’t have to go to school tomorrow
  • I wish (that) I had studied harder when I was at school

Using wish is quite simple, you just need to put everything learnt in class into practice. Here are some exercises for you to master its usage and a song by the British musical duo Lighthouse Family. Listen to it carefully and do the activity provided. Enjoy!!!

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