Book/Film Reviews

Watching a film or reading a book are always extremely pleasant experiences. But what about writing a review on them? I know you must all think it is a really tough activity but if you practice writing reviews on a regular basis, you will find out that it is not as hard as it seems to be. You just need a key element: patience. Patience to watch a film or read a book with a critical eye in order to perceive all the detailed information that appears on them. Remember that a good review is not just a summary of the plot, but a critical analysis that examines why and how a movie or a book works and whether they succeed in their presentation.

When writing a review, always consider the audience you are writing for. You should remember that your writing is intended to be persuasive. Additionally, it should demonstrate clearly what the successful or unsuccessful elements of the film or book are. Therefore, make sure that you have a major thesis and a set of supporting arguments. If you want your book or film review to be well written, pay attention to the following handout:

Now have a look at two real review samples. Enjoy!!!

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