Modal Verbs

Modal verbs play a very important role in the English language since they express many distinct meanings. They normally modify another verb so that the modified verb has more intention in its meaning (in essence, the modal verb expresses modality-the way in which something is being said). As you may all know, they are also special in the sense that they behave very differently from normal verbs. Have a look at the handout provided below where you will find a revision of their usage.

In this unit we are just going to focus on those modal verbs being used to express deduction and speculation (must/can’t/couldn’t/may/might/should + infinitive or perfect infinitive). We know that this grammatical point is quite challenging for students of English and that is the main reason why you’ll be able to improve your knowledge of them by means of the following activities (Activity 1; Activity 2)

Have fun!!!!

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